Bananas Affecting Digestion?

When I arrived for my massage on Saturday, the massage therapist handed me a print out from this website on bloat as I said I suffered from it –

I read through and saw that I avoided the obvious things anyway due to my gluten free diet. However this one sentence popped out -

‘Reduce eggs, bananas, cheese, bread and pasta which actively reduce gut motility.’

(I avoid eggs too as I seem to be slightly intolerant to them.)

My bloat has been ruining my life for the last couple of months and I have been eating a banana every day and sometimes adding to that with dried banana pieces.

The internet contains little about the digestive negatives of eating banana and lots about the positives. I’d love to know if anyone else has experienced anything bad.
I’m going to cut them out for the time being to see if it helps. Shame, as it is one of the few fruits I can stand!


  1. Banana is one of the few things I can keep down/in me when I'm suffering... I've always thought of it as good for the stomach.


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