Jack Daniels - Gluten Free?

It seems quite mad to me that most packaged food has allergy info on the label (even nuts - I mean 'Contains nuts' it's overkill!) when most alcoholic beverages don't. If we all contact beverage companies maybe we can bring a change about.

As I couldn't find anything online (or on the label) about the allergens that may be present in Jack Daniels whiskey (my favourite tipple), I decided to take matters into my own hands and email the folks at Jack Daniels.
They got back to me today and I am transcribing the email here for the benefit of coeliacs around the world. I replied and asked them if they were ever going to put allergy information on their labelling. I'll let you know the reply if/when it arrives.

"Hello Debra,

Thanks for taking the time to write, and I hope I can assist you with your question about Jack Daniel's.

Our Black Label Tennessee Whiskey is made with natural ingredients that consist of corn, rye and barley malt, as well as the iron-free water that flows from the Distillery's cave spring. It does not contain wheat. Though gluten is removed during the distillation process, we can't confirm the absence of gluten in any particular batch of our Tennessee Whiskey because we do not regularly test for gluten. Since you asked a health-related question and we have no expertise in the medical field, we strongly recommend that you also check with your physician before consuming Jack Daniel's.

I hope this is helpful information for your blog. Thanks again for getting in touch, and please feel free to write us anytime if you have further questions.

Kind regards,


Hm. A very honest response which I appreciate, however, it's not too helpful for coeliacs. As per the usual, coeliacs are required to consume, then monitor the results. Not so easy when symptoms can take weeks to arrive or can be as subtle as a headache.


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