Coconut Flour

Since posting my blog about carrot cake muffins, I have been searching for coconut flour in supermarkets and health food shops and haven’t had any luck.
I searched online and you can buy it from a few different places and it seems to retail from around £4.99 a bag!
I’m not surprised that the supermarkets don’t stock it, it would get nicked all the time!
It’s a great shame as it seems to be useful for a great many gluten free alternatives.

This website had a huge list of recipes and you can also buy the flour there too.

I’ll make an investment some day and try them all out!


  1. I have been using tiana coconut flour for a couple of years, it is a fantastic flour, healty, delicious and also a good value product. when I buy one pack of 500g it lasts for ages, using only two tablespoons of this flour I can make 6-8 pancakes. the whole pack of 500g will be enogh to make four breads which can be kept in your freezer. I really recommend this productd for everyone who has some problems with digestive function and would like to loose some weight.

  2. You can buy it from asian food shops and also online at Natco website - much cheaper than tiana.


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