My friend Fleur of ‘Diary of a Vintage Girl’ blog fame hosted her first vintage inspired event on Saturday and it was a roaring success. Keep an eye out on the events website for info on the next one because (if you’re in the London area) you really don’t want to miss out.

The evening involved Pimms served in china cups with saucers, a cake and chocolate stand, croquet on the roof terrace, a swing band, swing dancing and 3 burlesque acts. And lots of dressing up!

The reason why I mention the evening here in this blog is because I wanted to tell you about the beautiful choccies I purchased from the cake & chocolate stand, with the genius name of

I normally just stare and drool near cake stands so it was a welcome surprise to discover a selection of chocolates available to purchase (and they went with my JD & coke quite nicely!)

Also check out (in a few days, it’s not yet live) for info on booking a tea and cake feast for your next wedding/stitch & bitch/divorce party/Anne Summer’s night!


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