Gluten Free Lasagne

I fully cheated on dinner last night. It was mostly from a jar or packet. Shame on me! But it was lush, so, don't care :D

Me and my husband had a real craving for lasagne but the gluten free lasagne sheets are usually hard to get hold of. Luckily my husband remembered that he'd bought some before from Waitrose so made a detour on the way home. Meanwhile I went to Tesco and bought a jar of bolognese and white sauce!

This is the lasagne we used -

I reckon Dietary Specials products are among the best on the market. It's a real shame that the supermarkets don't stock their whole range. I really want to try to frozen pizza and the sausage rolls but have never seen them for sale :(

(As for them mentioning that you can get stuff on the NHS - pah! My doctor would look at me like i've just walked in and asked for a back rub.)


The lasagne needed 4-5 minutes to boil in salted water before using, but after that it was pliable, but not mushy at all and easy to tear so you could fill up all the spaces if you've got an awkward shaped dish like I have.

Once cooked in the oven with all the ingredients, you wouldn't know any different from the real thing.



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