RECIPE Gluten Free Gravy

I do like my roast dinner on a Sunday and would never, ever consider buying or using ‘fake’ gravy. Real gravy is so easy to make and tastes amazing!
My Mum and Nan both use wheat flour to make gravy and taught me how. So when I cut out wheat, I despaired! No gravy argh!
But I experimented with cornflour and after a few disasters have found the perfect method for wheat and lump free gravy.
Here’s what I do –

Remove the cooked meat from the roasting tin and set aside.
Skim the top layer of fat from the juice in the tin.
Pour the remaining juice into a frying pan, ensuring you include all the lovely meaty bits from the bottom.
Heat up the juice on a low heat until it starts to simmer.
In a cup, mix 3 teaspoons of corn flour with 2 inches of cold water. Add an ice cube to the mixture once cornflour has dissolved.
In another cup pour a couple of inches of hot water from the kettle over a stock cube (chicken, beef etc depending on the meat you’ve cooked) and a teaspoon of Marmite and stir until dissolved.
Turn the heat under the frying pan down to the minimum.
Add the cornflour mixture and stir into the meat juice with a wooden spoon.
When the mixture starts to thicken up and looks like it will start to form lumps, add the stock mixture.
Stir thoroughly until all the liquids are mixed together.
Add a cup of water from the boiled vegetables and stir, keep adding vegetable water until the consistency is right.
Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Add a splash of red wine if you fancy it!

This method never fails and in my opinion tastes less floury than gravy with wheat flour and allows the flavour of the meat juice to really shine through.


  1. oh wow you've made me want a roast dinner now

  2. i add bisto (the big jars dont contain codex wheat starch either) to the meat juices. yum. I have been coeliac for 14yrs and at first panicked over what to eat, but i learned to cook and in the past 5yrs supermarkets are getting more and more products.


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