Gluten Free Lager/Ale

On a hot summer's day, I always get a major craving for a glass of lager.
I've only tried gluten free lager once and keep meaning to stock up.
The one I tried was made by Hambleton Ales and I found it in Asda.
Check out their website for more details -

Here's what they say about the taste -
"A tawny beer with aromas of Cascade, Liberty and Challenger hops and specially prepared dark sugars provide full bodied initial sweetness giving way to pronounced fruit and hop character with a strong citrus finish. Thanks to its formulation and a unique filtration method Hambleton Ales' GFA delivers the full flavour and satisfaction expected from a British beer in a gluten and wheat-free formulation."

I found the taste to be quite unique but not unpleasant! I'd definitely try it again.

You can actually mail order this but I'm not sure I'd fork out the £37.60 for 16 bottles...
I think I'll just stick to my new preferred summer beverage - pear cider!


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