Gluten Free Bread

It's frackin awful isn't it?
Too expensive, too small, too hard, only tastes OK if you toast it, falls apart at the mere sight of a knife and only available in the huge supermarkets.
And, you can't ever spread butter on it, it just crumbles to a million pieces, argh!

My local Tesco has a big-ish range of gluten free products. I have tried most of the breads there, so here’s a small summary that I will try to update as I try more of them (which could save you a lot of money!);

Genius brown and white loaf
Very tasty, the brown version has lots of lovely seeds and things, easy to slice, freezes very well, doesn't take to butter spreading well and pretty expensive.

Dietary Specials Rustic Rolls
Nice taste and texture when toasted or grilled, otherwise pretty stodgy, one of the easiest to slice, reasonable price.

Dietary Specials Multigrain Sliced Loaf
The best of the bunch for ‘everyday’ bread, I still find that it has to be toasted first though. Great for making really tiny bacon sarnies! Wish they’d work on the size!

Tesco Naan Bread
Depressing. Dry, flat and cardboardy. Try eating one of these while your loved one tucks into a freshly cooked one from the takeaway place!

Waitrose Gluten Free Sliced Bread (couldn't find it online - you can't search for food on the Waitrose website unless you register your delivery details!)
The worst of them all. Fell into a thousand pieces before I even got it home. The only thing it's good for is bread and butter pudding!


  1. Thank you Debra, this is so useful. keep em coming!


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