Wedding Cake

I recently got married in New Orleans and we had a wedding cake included with our ceremony package. Obviously it was just a 'normal' wedding cake and so we could have pictures done of us cutting the cake, I had to fake eating it by just having a bit of the icing! Rubbish!
So, I decided that for our reception, which we held in Cardiff I'd find someone to make me a wheat free cake. I'd remembered seeing a seller on EBay specialising in food for people with special dietary requirements and luckily found the shop in my favourites.

The seller also has a website

So, I exchanged a few emails with Rebecca, was given a huge choice of cakes and flavours, chose the decoration I wanted and then made my order.
To my surprise, my huge chocolate fudge cake with awesome glittery Fleur De Lis decoration and ribbon came to just £40!
I also made an order for a wheat free quiche as I so missed it and you can't find a wheat free version anywhere!
The only downside was having to drive to Enfield to collect the order but it was great meeting Rebecca herself and she's a lovely lady.

The cake went down extremely well with our guests and I ate a lot of it! I actually hardly touched the buffet and just stuffed myself with cake instead! (Which wasn't easy as I was in a corset!)

I would highly recommend Rebecca's Cakes to anyone looking for vegan, wheat free or celiac friendly treats!