RECIPE Vietnamese Pancakes

Vietnamese pancakes are really easy to make, yummy and really versatile.
I found the recipe on one of my fave recipe sites

Vietnamese food is a dream come true for wheat intolerant people, they rarely use flour and they use a lot of rice noodles!

My local Tesco have now got a Chinese/Japanese food section and they have the vermicelli and ribbon style rice noodles but Blue Dragon also do a range which they sometimes have in bigger supermarkets.

This recipe calls for rice flour which I also managed to pick up in the organic food section in my local Tesco but I'm pretty sure you can also get it in health food shops like Holland & Barrett.


85g Rice Flour
Salt & Pepper
3 Eggs
125ml Coconut Milk


Beat eggs and coconut milk together and gradually add the flour. Season.

Ladel the mixture a bit at a time into a greased, hot, non stick pan. Brown on both sides.
Place onto kitchen roll to absorb grease.


Serve filled with ginger, chili, garlic, soy sauce, crab meat, mushrooms, spring onions, bean sprouts, anything really!


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