Party Food 2

Whenever I got to a party and I know there’s going to be food, I always get that feeling of dread. Coz you know what the options will be, sausage rolls, sarnies, breadsticks and dips, cake etc. I normally end up desperately trying to make a fun plate of food involving ready salted crisps and guacamole with, if I’m lucky, a chicken leg on the side. I can’t complain though really, and most of the time I just make sure I eat something before I go out! I have struggled myself when it comes to catering my own parties. I only seem to have one canapé in my repertoire and that’s Goat’s cheese wrapped in Parma ham (grilled. Yum but expensive!)
For my recent Hen day, I made a salad buffet because I know my mum loves salad and it worked out really well.

(With a bit of help) I prepared portions of;
Tomato, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar
Grilled med veg, with garlic and olive oil
Humous with carrot and cucumber sticks to dip
Mozarella and tomato slices with olive oil
And arranged some slices of chorizo and salami and it was all delish.

We went belly dancing afterwards so it was a perfectly healthy, not too filling meal.

Still need some wheat free canapé ideas though! Any recommendations?


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